Franc Purg

gallery 90-60-90

franc purg & heavy metal band, voodoo mul

Video + performance, 20118


The sense of sight is our biggest source of palpable information about the world that surrounds us. However, the nature of what is seen depends on our knowledge. The hegemony of the mind over external reality is called illusion.  The video installation and the performance act control the relation between what can be seen and what can be comprehended, the relation between illusion and pretence. Pretence is what they have in common, while they differ in (un)awareness. Illusion is something that has not happened, but what mind pretends to have happened. In pretence, our mind is aware that something is or is about to happen, however it pretends as if nothing is happening. The video installation creates an illusion and is accompanied by a sound ritual, based on repetition. A list of more than 20 000 Latin names is the only element that does not repeat itself.

Franc Purg will read an alphabetical list of endangered animal and plant species, written in Latin. At the same time, the heavy metal band Voodoo Mul to each pronounced name from list will retort with the same sound response. We cannot estimate the duration of the ritual, as the list of names is almost infinite.

Franc Purg (SLO) lives in London. He works in a large range of audio and visual media, such as installation, performance art, photography and video and sound art. Since 2008, Purg has been collaborating with the London-based artist Sara Heitlinger. His works have been showcased at many festivals, galleries and museums around the world.

The project is supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Municipal Office for education, culture and sport of the City of Zagreb, Kultura Nova Foundation, MP Partner

The performance 20118 is part of the thematic cycle of exhibitions entitled “Time”.