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Gallery 90-60-90 / Pogon Jedinstvo


Dušica Dražić / Learn to move through metamorphosis





Opening 9/9/2021 at 8 p.m .; at 7 pm presentation of the book Symptoms of the Future: Exhibition in the Box, author Irena Borić, Dušica Dražić and Mirjana Dragosavljević.


The exhibition remains open: 10.9. – 19.9.2021 from 4 pm to 8 pm

Curator: Irena Bekić / Gallery manager and curator 90-60-90: Marijana Stanić

Organization: IPAK – research projects and author’s concepts; Gallery 90-60-90

The exhibition by Dušica Dražić “Learn to Move through Metamorphosis” is part of a broader artistic anthropological research project Rejected: Contributions to Value Studies. At the center of interest are the value and worthlessness of things, the social mechanisms and processes that define them as well as the connections between values, waste and the stigma of surplus on which biographies of things are built and redefined, canons changed, hierarchies weakened, structures transformed. The exhibition includes four works in which the author, through four different cases of optics between the valuable and the rejected, explores the potentials of the dichotomy of surplus. She follows the life of an anthropogenic forest, her father’s project, planted by afforesting the Peštar plateau through Youth Work Actions; she processes an absurd collection of soil samples from Swedish archeological sites that overwhelmed the Swedish History Museum depot, and for several months she sands the stone from Bakić’s monument on Petrova Gora with sandpaper and draws lines from the house to the sea with a ballpoint pen based on a fictional calculation. It is about various gestures of appropriations through which she contemplates aspects of ownership and growing up, reverses hierarchies, exchanges faces, evades identities, creates interspaces of reality. In the interrelation of the exhibited works, treating landscapes as objects and depriving objects of their characteristics, the Gallery becomes a place of production of a new ambivalent landscape and at the same time an archive of discarded configurations (nature, ideology, imagination, historical narratives, documentation…). The space and narration of the exhibition are closely related. Built by transformations, changes in size, materiality, multiplication of grammatical faces, views and media, they remind us that metamorphosis is the basic principle of life at all levels. By consistently denying the medial boundaries, as the historian and literary theorist Davor Beganović writes, it furrows culture “in the same way that natural metamorphosis dared to question the watershed of materiality and immateriality, turning the world of nature into a miraculous scenario of forms against which the drama of origin and disappearance, life and death, irreversible collisions of the same and the other, the results of which are uncertain and unpredictable. “[1]

The exhibition will include:

– presentation of the book-box Symptoms of the Future: Exhibition in the Box, author Irena Borić, Dušica Dražić and Mirjana Dragosavljević with the participation of Anamarija Batista, Maja Hodošček, Petra Mrša, Tanja Šljivar and Nataša Šuković;
– botanical walk Savički botanical time machine with Renata Šoštarić (PMF, Zagreb), 11 September at 11 AM, starting point: Miševečka ulica bb, Savski nasip
– afforestation in the vicinity of Zagreb (in cooperation with Croatian Forests)

The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, the City Office for Culture of the City of Zagreb, the Foundation Kultura nova, Flanders State of the Art.

[1] Davor Beganović “Metamorphosis of the Discourse of the Science of Literature” In: Renate Lachmann Metamorphosis of Facts and Secret Knowledge: About Crazy, Bridges and Other Phenomena, Zagreb: Sarajevo, Zoro: Edition Zoro, 2007. p. 5 -17


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