Current exhibition


Gallery 90-60-90 / Pogon Jedinstvo


Women Minor Speculations, Sequence 2 – Open Studio

Nicole Hewitt in collaboration with Ivan Slipčević, Vida Guzmić, Hrvoje Nikšić, Hrvoslava Brkušić.

Open for visitors: from 05.-08.11. from 16:00 to 20:00


Admission is free

The intention of the Women Minor Speculations project, sequence 2 – open studio is in a speculative form of collected materials in the form of images, film, video, sound and text dealing with remains as evidence, landscapes as witnesses, intertwined biographies of archaeologists, their objects and subjects (female figurines, constellations, cement, vampires, pottery, music, gossip) that appear within a time interval of 5,000 years forward and backward, to throw them  into the air and see where they fall during a working stay in the premises of Pogon. This is one of the sequences of a project that vibrates between historiography, documentary, object analysis, travelogue, and speculative fiction. It deals with memory, history, ghosts of speculation where real and unreal objects of material culture produce confusion and hallucinations about public memory and memory technologies, and the narrative is woven through minor histories, minor narratives, minor fragments… Open studio is another public rehearsal of material as preparation for a future film.