Current exhibition

Gallery 90-60-90 / Pogon Jedinstvo

Paulina Jazvić: This is not another party

opening: 9.9. 2020 20h

the exhibition remains open until 14.9.2020 4 to 8 PM

Related to the basic program determinant of the Gallery 90 – 60 – 90 for 2020 entitled Whose is it ?, which focuses on the author’s problematization and questioning of psycho-social aspects that condition, define and position the role of gender, socially conditioned and generally cultural aspects in the existence of individuals and / or groups, the multimedia artist Paulina Jazvić, with her many years of work, reflects just such an issue. Her works reflect the traumas and phantasms of everyday life, which on an unconscious level, through dealing with traumatic experiences, affect the identity of individuals and groups, creating a platform for reflection on some parallel, often disguised personal narratives. Using often a strategy of ironic, sometimes black-humored approach, Paulina Jazvić speaks eloquently about hidden individual traumas, which imperceptibly but continuously shapes the socio-psychological anamnesis.

curator: Vanja Babić / organization: 90-60-90 / Platform for Contemporary Art

Paulina Jazvić (Zagreb, 1973).
In 2001 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, graphics in the class of prof. Šutej. In 1995 she graduated in Clothing and Textile Design at the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, where she is still employed as an associate professor.
She has exhibited in over 100 group and 45 solo exhibitions, of which Sweet dreams stand out in the MSU Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, I recommend Vodka in Lauba, the House of People and Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria, Biennale Internazionale Dona, Trieste ,Italy….
She has participated as an artist in residence at Cite des Arts in Paris several times.
So far, she has received seven awards for her work.

Vanja Babić (Zagreb, 1965) graduated in History of Art and History at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. He attended a two-month professional training course at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice in 1992. Since 1991 he has been working as an art critic and curator. He regularly publishes essays and reviews of exhibitions in Vijenac (where he has been the editor of the art section since 2011) and Kontura, occasionally in 15 days and in Oris, and he has also published in the now non-existent magazines Cicero and Zor. Since 1995 he has been the head of the Matica hrvatska Gallery, and since 2009 the curator of the Kranjčar Gallery. As a gallery manager, he has organized more than two hundred solo or group exhibitions, and as a curator he has designed and accompanied with an expert foreword more than a hundred solo or group exhibitions, of which Pars Pro Toto stands out – ten Croatian contemporary authors at Galerie Le Loft Sévigné in Paris. (2012); retrospective of Boris Šitum as part of the One on One cycle at the Art Gallery in Split (2013); (In) stability of space – Architecture (with Neva Lukić) at HDLU in Zagreb (2014); (In) constancy of Space – Struggle for Identity (with Neva Lukić) in Artie et Amicitiae in Amsterdam (2016); Post-media structures in the Galženica Gallery in Velika Gorica (2018); (In) stability of space – Spaces of narration and imagination (with Neva Lukić) at the HDLU in Zagreb and the Museum of Fine Arts in Osijek (2018).