About us


The Association 90-60-90 has been active in the cultural life since its registration at the Register of Associations of the Republic of Croatia in 2001.

The mission of the Association 90-60-90 focuses on promotion and development of cultural and artistic work through inclusion of contemporary visual art scene in independent alternative cultural spaces aimed at young audience. Its mission also includes implementing innovative educational and socially engaged projects in the field of visual art, in accordance with the highest standards of cultural production.

The Association’s most important projects are Gallery 90-60-90 and What’s on in the city?

The Gallery 90-60-90 hosts numerous visual art events, aiming to promote contemporary visual art within alternative exhibit spaces, all the while questionning the demands of artists and audiences as well as the present-day position of the “gallery“ as an institution. The Gallery 90-60-90 finds important to make visual art become more available to young audience who is not involved in the art world, while organising exhibitions in alternative spaces allows a more informal approach to the works of art.

The Gallery programme focuses on new media forms of contemporary art practice, including space and sound installations, video screenings and interdisciplinary and intermedia works of arts. The programme also aims to offer a space for curatorial research, artistic experimenting and exploring the possibilities of the exhibition format as well as of other forms of presenting art works.

The Gallery’s activity is distinct in its programme preparation and production: it involves various cultural subjects – thus interweaving their fields of work, and various presentation forms and programmes characterised by the unifying theme of each cycle of exhibitions. The unifying theme actualises the programme in social context and encourages the development of socially engaged artistic work. With the need to reexamine the image of contemporary world, the programme draws upon thematizing everyday presentations of reality, interrelationships and communication models, as well as from choices of life strategies.

Through its gallery activity, the Association 90-60-90 has so far organised over 150 artistic projects.

The programmes within the Gallery 90-60-90 are being organised at POGON – Zagreb Centre for Independent Culture and Youth.