Thematic cycle of exhibitions entitled “Time“:

Participating artists: Zoran Pavelić, “Marking Times”; Nina Kurtela, “Nature and Society “; Franc Purg, 20118 Performance & Heavy metal band, Voodoo Mul; Sandro Đukić, “Potrošeni oblik – The Outworn Structure”; Ana Bilankov “New Town Future Film”.

Curator of the project: Marijana Stanić

The representation of reality that changes in time, the representation of being in time, has always been a challenge for visual arts as they are dominantly defined by that other fundamental dimension of being – space. Although, in today’s high technological conditions of production, art seems to have overcome its media limitations, transforming the time to image and making the time change become visible still remains an essentially unchanged task.

It is precisely time that figures as a common denominator in this cycle of exhibitions at the Gallery 90-60-90. Not relying upon any specific understanding of time – such as physical or metaphysical, biological or cosmic, historical or subjective time, by addressing the notion in its abstraction, this ˝exhibition˝ concept is necessarily flexible. It will gather works of art that will greatly differ, but what they will all have in common, regardless of their medium choice, will be the visualisation of time, its visual and spatial conceptualisation.

It is useful to recall ourselves of these elementary ontological dispositions of visual art if we don’t want to interpret the works of art in this cycle as correlated solely on narrative level – the level of thematizing time. Time is a base from which we read the meaning of images that they offer. We intepret the images as a testimony of a certain time flow, historical or existential, as traces of the past or hints of the future. We understand them as fragments of temporal wholes, of processes whose boundaries exceed the momentarily visible situation, as constelations and relations that could perhaps initiate a micro or a macro change after which the world will no longer be the same.

Without a possibility to create beforehand a joint story that would thematically envelop the artistic approaches, this cycle will definitely be an opportunity for a classic thought problem (the relation of time and image undoubtedly is one) to be subjected to contemporary artistic experience.

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