90 – 60 – 90

 90-60-90 / contemporary art platform


Programme 2017:


march – december

 Thematic cycle of exhibitions entitled “Uniform“

Participating artists: Milan Božić, Ines Krasić, Silvio Vujičić, Danijela Štambuk, Vlasta Žanić and Sara Rajeaei


Programme author and curator: Marijana Stanić


The Program under the theme name “Uniform” will take place throughout the year in joint and individual exhibitions and campaigns.

Uniform, clothing, hairstyles … All this marks the boundary between what way we are and what we want to be seen. This schism is the basis of subjectivity. Uniformity symbolizes one’s power. To wear a uniform is the reflection of one’s position in social or business hierarchy, position in the society which enables one person a unique and unrepeatable act. To what extent our own, individual or professional, uniform inhibits us, and in what way guarantees social power? Do we choose our clothes, lifestyle and consumerist profile in aspiration for the educationally stable and socially eligible identity? Or we happily break dressing codes? Does the “uniform” legitimizes us as competent and responsible, responsible and called out? Or betrays uncertainty of our egos, intimate anguish over the loss of imaginary identity? How do we feel in situations that impose certain dress-codes? Who is included or excluded from this tipification? Do these dressing codes address our friends or “enemies”? Does the idea of “uniform” determines or wipes social, class and gender divisions? How does this association on uniformity reflect to historical memory? (Ivana Mance)