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 90-60-90 / contemporary art platform



During 2021 programs are taking place in group and solo exhibitions and actions / performances on the topic Whose is it?


Whose is it? – Psychology believes that belonging / affiliation is a key relation for a person’s emotional balance and well-being. Sociology, cultural studies as well as some other contemporary sciences study affiliation policies, i.e. the criteria and norms under which affiliations are constructed in public, formal and informal discourse. The project Whose is it? tries to connect both aspects and see how the individual sense of belonging relates to the social construction, i.e. which individual and collective identification mechanisms are triggered by certain political projects of belonging. In doing so, we approach the problem considering intersectionality, trying to capture multiple layers and reciprocal nature of juxtaposed projects of affiliation within a collective or community. In other words, different people of the same collective can feel different in different times, places and situations, and the project tries to detect and analyze the differential influences that different political projects have on those members of the collective who are differently located or deviate from the norm.

According to the sociologist Niru Yuval-Davis (Politics of Belonging, 2011), the project focuses on several  political concepts of affiliation: the issue of civil status, the national issue and the issue of territory, the ethical issue – religious, cultural, political and finally the issue of care.
Accordingly, the project captures and questions various economies, from the economy of capital to the economy of care. In addition, it questions the opposing concepts of commodification and solidarity, trying to point out the division of social power, but also the subversiveness and deviations of individual concepts of belonging.

Artists: Katerina Duda, Siniša Labrović, Bojan Mrđenović, Mirjana Vodopija, Dušica Dražić, Jasenko Rasol, Sibila Petlevski, Ana Adamović, Irena Bekić i Duga Mavrinac, Sabina Mikelić, group exhibition Picture of Sound (Evelina Turković), film program curated by Oliver Sertić

The gallery program also includes the educational project What’s on in the City? focused on non-formal education of young people within the cultural scene of the city.


Katerina Duda: Privat, private, privatno