Current exhibition

Gallery 90-60-90

ABS group, Digital after the universal

site-specific installation

opening: 23.10., 20h

The exhibitions is open: 24th and 25th October from 16am to 8pm

The work Digital after the universal came about from artistic research that deals with the confrontation of various pictorial formations from two different social arrangements, ie the way in which two different mega-epochs define the visual patterns of social apparatus. The work is a pictorial installation that confronts two different approaches to utopian potentials, which contain pictorial formations taken from the historically conditioned repressive apparatus of the former and current state. Namely, the installation explores the pictorial utopian potentials of the neomodern and its abstract pictorial forms versus our postmodern condition, determined by digitization as an ideological process.

The ABS Group was formed as a critical platform within the material practice and political contradictions of Croatian contemporary painting, art and the potential of transitional culture and society. The artistic work of the ABS Group has been executed and displayed by image-like symptoms suggesting an unpleasant and alienated atmosphere of critical or crisis situations within conflictual political contemporaneity. The members of the group are Alan Alebić (1976), Ivica Blažić (1975) and Ivan Skvrce (1980). Graduated in 2003 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb,  and finishing postgraduate studies at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design. They have exhibited at numerous solo and group exhibitions in the country and abroad. They live and work between Zagreb and Rijeka-Krk.